Daniel Frank

Compania: ReadyNation
Funcția: Deputy Director
Calitatea în comunitate: Invitat
Informații suplimentare:

Daniel Frank is the Deputy Director of ReadyNation, a national business organization based in Washington, DC, with more than 1,700 business leader members working to improve the economy through effective investments in children and youth. Mr. Frank’s primary role involves educating and informing leading Fortune 500 executives and key policymakers across the U.S. on childhood development, education, and related issues. In addition to this domestic policy work, he manages the organization’s growing global portfolio under ReadyNation International and assists other countries to build networks of business champions for children. Mr. Frank is a frequent speaker and panel presenter on how the business voice can strategically promote public investments in children and youth to impact workforce development. Mr. Frank is a corporate attorney by trade with significant international business experience and previously served as the Vice President of a bi-national chamber of commerce in Miami, Florida.


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